bprg is a bespoke talent sourcing agency that looks to add a different dimension when you use our services. Hiring people is a very time consuming process and often difficult to see exactly the right fit for your team or organisation. Whether this be from a cultural, skill, ambition or just a general "feel" fit it is not easy.

An extra pair of eyes and ears in the process often means a huge saving in time and effort, ensuring you find the best people for your needs in an appropriate time frame.

We take a comprehensive overview of your current situation, discussing your plans, the direction of the business and the ideal person that would fit into your organisation, whether that be skills or fit. Remember you can teach skills but if a cultural fit is not right, it can be very hard to change.

Operating in a fast paced environment our approach is very simple.....We keep it simple! Using a wealth of knowledge, technique and our own dedicated approach - RBM which is a unique way of approaching what can be a complex and difficult process. 

bprg prides itself on the personal, non-transactional approach for both our clients and the people we represent. It's a proven, successful model gained with many combined years of experience in the industry.